How it all began...  
It all started with Frankenstein in 1996 and two neighbors, Al Alaimo & Rick Canavor, who decided to have a little
Halloween fun…..then one by one all the neighbors (on the north-end) who could no longer resist the pull of the chains from beyond, got all wrapped up in the fun of it all.

First up in 1998 was Johnnie Ferrara and that’s when things really started to take a turn for the worst of the best of Halloween creepiness with vampires rising out of coffins and ghosts flying through the air. But it was the blood curdling screams echoing through the neighborhood like an unsuspecting audience watching an age old horror flick for the very first time that made you want to run home as fast as you could with your feet barely touching the ground.

Every year the scene of the crime has grown bigger and scarier with freakish home-made ghouls and goblins and witches jumping out from dark corners of every yard, ghosts and bats swooping overhead, and the groans of headless monsters bringing chills to your spine. The sounds became so real that you heard the whispers in town about the “Bethpage Horror” and people begging for the answer to the question “was that a real vampire in that coffin”…
In 2001 John and Al started collecting non-perishable foods from people passing by (most of which were friends, family and neighbors surrounding our fine street) and in turn donating to the Bethpage Community Foundation who made sure that hundreds of dollars worth of food got to the people that needed it most. But unbeknownst to everyone at that time, began the makings of a full blown fright and fun fest for collecting food and raising funds for families in need and providing a safety zone for children of all ages and adults alike to experience what Halloween is all about, without the dangers of cars bearing down in the night except those perched on bodies masked by the looming fog. 
In 2003 Jack Cereoli got involved (with a tiny twisting of the arm from John…yah, right!) with his wife MaryAnn not far behind and there was born another 100 feet of outlandish aliens, a mad scientist and other whacky surprises making it next to impossible for the rest of us to not jump on the hay wagon.

In 2005 Tom Slattery and Lana Copeta decided to complete the very north-end of the street (“finally” as John and Al would say) and hoist the sails of their Pirate ship with ghosts from the past howling in the wind, scary enough to shiver your timbers and make you want walk the plank in search of lost treasure. But you would have to flounder no further past the turn heading south to the home of Jim “Captain Corn Holeo” Stiffa (the best Popcorn Man in the East) and his wife Jane to “rock the boat” with their web jumping spiders and other long legged creatures adding to the mix of this caldron of creepy with potions of wickedness brewing about and casting spells on unsuspicious new comers.


Since then we’ve grown up to be known lovingly as “Nightmare on Romscho Street” (NRS) and have become an event not to be missed. It costs nothing to walk about enjoying the sights free from traffic or to be chased by monsters milling around in the mist or even to just sit on bales of hay and listen to upbeat tunes of today, yesterday and tomorrow. We host more than 3000 trick or treater’s and thrill seekers over the course of our 2-3 night event; raffle off dozens of great prizes donated for all ages, offer fun food for feasting, costume contests for the crazies and live music for listening and dancing pleasure. 


Johnnie Ferrara

To ease our growing pains we have an “all hands on deck” approach with support and participation from volunteers on the north-end of Romscho Street (consisting of 10 houses worth of neighbors) family and friends from near and far, neighbors from surrounding streets and throughout all of our Bethpage Community and even from distant lands like New Jersey. But we are most proud to say that thanks to the generosity of all of our guests each year we collect thousands of dollars worth of food and funds on behalf of a few great not-for-profit organizations so that they can further their mission of helping families in need and enabling seniors to remain and “be safe” at home, in and around our Bethpage Community.